Photo Set

My new obsession?
F Yeah Arrows. It’s funny!
My two favourites!


Survey, anyone?
Try and answer in haiku
And I will love you!

Just so that you know,
The question is the first line.
Good luck, everyone!

And what is your name?

Where is your abode?

Oh, so your age is…?

Righto! Girl or boy?

So: gay, straight, bi, ace?

View of Inception?

Your favourite song?

A cake or cupcakes?


Wore purple today.
And it was fucking awesome.
It felt really good.

Dear Tumblr people,
Will you all just marry me?
Y’know, all of you.

It’s insane how much
I love this community.
Ya’ll are amazing.

  • Me: Hello, Ro. How's life?/How did the Chem test go? Well?/I heard it was hard.
  • Ro: It was okay. Icky Chem! How are you?
  • Me: Me? I'm fine today!/Super tired, though: Monday./Just like every day!
  • Ro: I know, right? Are you coming to the movie Friday?
  • Me: No, I'm so sorry!/I can't get a ride... problem./I wish I could come.
  • Ro: Aw, that sucks. Too bad. I feel like an idiot, but... what's the '/' for?
  • Me: Oh, that? I'll tell you!/This (ready?) is a haiku!/All of these have been!
  • Ro: You're weird. I love you anyways. But you're weird.
  • Me: Aw, I love you, too./And you're rather strange, as well!/'Kay, let's focus now.

Internet was out,
So I haven’t been posting.
Sorry about that!

Here’s a quick list
Of the things I’ve been doing:
• Dressing as Gaga;

• Feeling rather sick;
• Studying most everything;
• Two new followers!


My darling mother,
Could I get a Gaga wig?
Pretty please? Thank you!


Pokémon soundtrack:
It makes everything better.
Trust me on this one.

A little side note:
Oh my god! Five followers!
You lovely people!

  • Question: your blog is lovely (: - jealouscakesniffer
  • Answer:

    Thanks! I love yours, too!
    (Really. It’s quite addictive.
    Keep it up, darling!)


Dear History test,
You are completely awful.
I hate you. That’s all.

  • Question: Just wanted to tell you that this tumblr is the coolest thing ever. XD And also that your theme is SO PRETTY and I wish I'd found it before I got attached to mine. Over and out, fellow WriMo! - facingthenorthwind
  • Answer:

    Thanks! Coolest thing ever?
    That would be you guys, not me!
    Thanks for following! <3